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Lost a Birth Certificate? Need a Full/Long Replacement Birth Certificate. Or Misplaced your Marriage Certificate. Need a duplicate marriage certificate. Want to remarry but mislaid your Absolute Decree and you need a certified copy of your Absolute Decree. We can provide you with the copy of the original birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate and decree absolute which can be used for any official or legal purposes.

It’s quick and easy to order birth, marriage and death records for British citizens born, died or married overseas from our website for replacement certificate and begin to build your family tree. We can assist in obtaining and supplying you with these overseas records containing details of births, marriages and deaths of some British citizens that have taken place abroad since the late 18th century. These records include those registered with British consuls, High Commissions, HM Forces, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Registrar General of Shipping and Seaman.

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UK Official Certificates is an expert organisation in retrieving replacement copies of UK birth certificate, UK marriage certificate, UK death certificate, UK adoption certificate and UK decree absolute certificate. These certificates can be used as evidence for any official or legal purposes either in United Kingdom or elsewhere in the world. Engage in here with the ideal on line casino over the internet with free spins no deposit. Bending pay in! Look at plus gain!

If you have lost your original divorce certificate we can supply a Court issued and certified replacement or duplicate copy of Decree Absolute. The service takes upto 20-25 working days from receipt of your payment. There is no priority service available for obtaining decree absolute.

Ordering or getting your replacement or duplicate copies of births, marriages and deaths certificate from us could not be easier. We offer a fast and reliable service. Simply Order Online and the certificate can be sent to you anywhere in the world.

These certificates can also be used to obtain information of your ancestors if you are conducting a family history research.


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We obtain replacement or duplicate birth, marriage and death certificates for England and Wales as well as obtaining copies or extracts of Scottish Birth, Scottish Marriage, Scottish Death and Scottish Adoption certificates occurred in Scotland. You can also get Scottish Decree Absolute too. Replacement records of Irish Birth Certificates, Irish Marriage Certificates and Irish Death Certificates that have occurred in Northern Ireland can also be obtained and supplied to you.

We also acquire replacement records of births, marriages and deaths for British Citizens born, died or married overseas & military. All replacement copies of birth certificate, marriage certificate and death certificate are accepted for most official and legal purposes such as Passport Application, Driving Licence, Wedding, DWP Pension Benefits, Housing, Immigration purposes, Job Interviews and Education.

Copies of Birth Certificates are the Full Version copy, also known as Long Version copy birth certificate which includes both parent’s names and occupation.

Please click on the image links below to place an order for a replacement or duplicate copy of birth, marriage,death, adoption and divorce certificates for England & Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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