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UK Adoption Certificate | Full Adoption Birth Certificate
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Lost a Birth Certificate? Need a Full/Long Replacement Birth Certificate. Or Misplaced your Marriage Certificate. Need a duplicate marriage certificate. Want to remarry but mislaid your Absolute Decree and you need a certified copy of your Absolute Decree. We can provide you with the copy of the original birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate and decree absolute which can be used for any official or legal purposes.

It’s quick and easy to order birth, marriage and death records for British citizens born, died or married overseas from our website for replacement certificate and begin to build your family tree. We can assist in obtaining and supplying you with these overseas records containing details of births, marriages and deaths of some British citizens that have taken place abroad since the late 18th century. These records include those registered with British consuls, High Commissions, HM Forces, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Registrar General of Shipping and Seaman.

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Adoption Certificates

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This website exists to help you obtain official replacement UK Adoption Certificate or full Adoption Birth Certificate as quickly and as easily as possible.

Adoption Certificates
A UK Adoption certificate is an official document showing the name of the Adopters, the date of the Adoption order and the name of the issuing court (or the court that granted/approved the adoption). There are two types of Adoption certificate. The full certificate provides details such as the date of the Adoption order, the name of the court and the name of the Adoptive parents. A short version makes no reference to the Adoption and only provides the Adoptive name, gender and date of birth. We at UK Official Certificates provide only the Full version. What are you still waiting for, go immediately to book of ra fixed now is the time to start playing and winning!

Please note that if you are providing evidence of identity (and you are Adopted) you need the Adoption certificate and not your original Birth certificate. The record for your Birth becomes a closed file and is only used for Family history search. A vast majority of customers tend to request or complete an original Birth Certificate Order Form instead of the Adoption Certificate Order Form. Please note that both forms require different details.

Adopted Children Register
There is a register of all adoptions granted by courts in England and Wales since 1927.
An entry is recorded into the register when a court issues an adoption order. This entry replaces the original birth entry in the General Register Office’s Register of Births. The original birth entry is amended to read ‘adopted’.

UK History of adoption
Adoption and fostering have taken place informally for centuries but it only became Legal in UK in 1927. It is more difficult to trace records before this time as adoption was usually a private arrangement. Initially, adoption was introduced to provide security for war orphans and children born to unmarried mothers.

Since 1927, all adoptions granted by the courts in England and Wales, and some overseas adoptions, are recorded in the Adopted Children Register. The register is not open to public search or inspection but only the adoptee is entitled to find out information relating to his/her birth and have access to their adoption records if they still survive when they are 18 years or over.

On your original birth certificate you should find out exactly when and where you were born, the name you were given at birth, your mother’s name, your father’s name (if it was given) and the name and possibly relationship to you of the person who registered your birth.

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