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Lost a Birth Certificate? Need a Full/Long Replacement Birth Certificate. Or Misplaced your Marriage Certificate. Need a duplicate marriage certificate. Want to remarry but mislaid your Absolute Decree and you need a certified copy of your Absolute Decree. We can provide you with the copy of the original birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate and decree absolute which can be used for any official or legal purposes.

It’s quick and easy to order birth, marriage and death records for British citizens born, died or married overseas from our website for replacement certificate and begin to build your family tree. We can assist in obtaining and supplying you with these overseas records containing details of births, marriages and deaths of some British citizens that have taken place abroad since the late 18th century. These records include those registered with British consuls, High Commissions, HM Forces, the Civil Aviation Authority and the Registrar General of Shipping and Seaman.

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Order Replacement Certificate Online now

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If you have lost your UK Birth certificate, Adoption Certificate, Death certificate, Marriage certificate or your UK Decree Absolute (UK Divorce certificate) maybe because of a house move or because your document is damaged, we can provide a replacement or duplicate for you, which will be valid as the original copy you had.


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